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In Conversation: Prime Minister of Tibet

(The Audio is a selected 18 minute excerpt of the Hour long interview) In Conversation Dr.Lobsang Sangay-Prime Minister-elect- Central Tibetan Administration. His Excellency Dr. Lobsang Sangay the newly elected Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration. Upon him rests the responsibility to guide the Tibetan movement and to resume the dialogue with China and also to enhance the welfare of the Tibetan refugee community in exile.                                                           Q.) How do you see the Tibetan issue? Dr.Sangay.) There is one country two system inChinainHong Kong. Why notTibet? That’s the question. Because Hong Kong andMacaupeople are Han Chinese. But then the Chinese argument has been thatHong Konghas had a different business or commercial … Read entire article »


International day of Non Violence: Tibetans reaffirm faith in the Middle Way Approach

On 2nd October 2016, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a group of eight Tibetans on about five bikes and one car left for Dharamsala. The members of the group belonging to the Tibetan Peoples Movement for Middle Way Approach are travelling from southern India to the northern Indian city of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh which is also the seat of His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. The endeavour of the members of the group is to awaken and enlighten the people across India and the world regarding the idea of the Middle way policy, which is also being followed by the Central Tibetan Administration. As Dr. Lobsang Sanagay’s message states on the website of the CTA that “The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is deeply committed to the Middle Way … Read entire article »



  Lectures by Jacy Reese (USA) and Chen Cohen (Israel), organized by EVA association in Ghent, Belgium, on 8th September 2016.     EVA association is a non profit in Belgium, founded in the year 2000, providing information about vegetarian nutrition, vegetarianism and veganism, the environment, animal welfare, health, vegetarian cooking and recipes. EVA has become the second largest vegetarian organization in Europe. The team consists of 12 people, and they have more than 500 volunteers. From 8th until 11th September 2016, the International Animal Rights Conference is taking place in Luxembourg. At that occasion, EVA invited two participants of that Conference for a public talk in Ghent, Mr. Jacy Reese from the USA who is working for Animal Charity … Read entire article »

‘Hong Kongers have the right to self-determination’: Demosisto

Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s newly launched political party, Demosisto, in its official statement has strongly condemned the arrest of its members by the Hong Kong police.   Following a recent blockading of the motorcade of Zhang Dejiang, the chairman of the standing committee of the national people’s congress by Nathan Law, Oscar Lai, Joshua Wong, Cheuk Kiu Chow and Benny Ng. Joshua Wong, has been widely revered, outside Hong Kong as the face of the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong and the emergence of the newly formed Demosisto by those who led the Umbrella Revolution has marked the beginning of a new chapter in the domestic politics of Hong Kong. The statement issued by the Demosisto asserts … Read entire article »

‘Teachers of today are more sensitive and more aware on the environmental issues’–

‘Write For The Earth-Write with The Earth’ is a new initiative by The Arachneed Journal and  Compassion Activism Charity- Belgium.  A worldwide essay competition for children from 6-16 years of age.   As part of this initiative The Arachneed brings to you and exclusive interview with Vassiliki Mandalou, She has extended her support to this initiative.   Here she shares her views on the initiative and how teachers and students can collaborate for a more environmentally sustainable future.   1) How important is the environmental issue to you personally ? ~ Environment is all that surrounds us , including ourselves. We all are a part of this circle called Nature / Environment. So it is inevitable not to care about it ; it … Read entire article »

‘Write For The Earth-Write with the Earth’

  Interview with Dennis Barbion, Director-Chairman- Compassion Activism Charity 1) how important is the environmental issue to you personally ? The environmental issue is very close to my heart. It is a subject for which we can not close our eyes, because this is too serious and it effects the world population and the whole planet. Out of a feeling of care and responsibility for not only human beings but also for nature, animals, or let’s say all sentient beings, we should investigate this subject well, see what we personally can do, and contribute in our own way, and inspire and being inspired by others. The environmental issue has reached a critical point, and taking action now is essential for the future. Everyone can … Read entire article »

‘For each and everyone of us, there is a destined love – our forever…’-In Conversation

The Arachneed brings to you an exclusive interview by Angelle Alemora, of the renowned poetess  Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo who is also a Professional Feature Writer/Creative Writer/Journalist/Travel Writer/Published International Poet and Author/ Editor/Proofreader/Speaker.  Elizabeth is a multi-awarded and widely-published contemporary writer/poet/artist and the author of “Seasons of Emotions” (UK), and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA). Her international recognitions include 2nd Place for “Poet of the Year, 2013” in an international poetry contest of Destiny to Write Publications in the UK with her first international poetry book, “Seasons of Emotions” in 2nd Place for “Book of the Year, 2013”. Winning Strategies Magazine, USA also awarded her as the “Over-all Winner in the Winning Strategies International Winners Award” for her positive influence in her … Read entire article »

It is time the law became practical not merely theoretical!

“My heart doesn’t care how much money I make or whether the words “President” are in my job title. My heart only cares that I listen to my soul, follow my truth, and shine in this world as the authentic me. This means that, in all likelihood, I won’t follow a conventional path.”  My name is Miss Ramani Moodley.  I am 27 years old.  I am a citizen and currently reside in South Africa.  I am an attorney of the High Court of South Africa.  I am a keen and vibrant human rights activist, particularly focusing in the field of mentally and/or physically impaired people.    As a result of a tragic motor vehicle accident, I am … Read entire article »

‘International Day for Buddhist Women’: Buddhist International meets UN

Colombo, Sri Lanka:  Heads of Buddhist International, met Mr. Subinay Nandy, UN’s resident representative in Colombo, and handed over an official request appealing to take necessary actions to declare Binara full moon poya day (Full moon day of the month of September) as the “International Day for Buddhist Women” by the UN. The meeting took place on Tuesday, the 22nd. Few representatives from women’s civil society organizations also attended the event. Buddhist International has also sent the same appeal to several diplomats based in Colombo from Buddhist countries. The appeal was also handed over to Mrs. Rajshree Behen, the Director if Indian Cultural Center, in Colombo.  BI’s endeavor is to get the appeal diplomatically supported, probably … Read entire article »

DZYADZORM Says Yes- Chapter 2!

This is the Second Chapter of the Short Novel ‘Dyadzorm Says Yes’ by Adjoa Essel, stay tuned at The Arachneed as we bring to you this amazing novel from Africa. Every Friday a new chapter shall be published. – CHAPTER TWO ‘How about visiting me after work tomorrow?’ Jerald asked getting ready to leave. Dzyadzorm gave him a puzzled look which gave Jerald a perception of her confusion. ‘I mean I won’t come to work tomorrow because I need to see my daddy off at the airport, so please visit me after work to tell me what happened.’ He gave a detailed explanation. ‘Alright sir, see you tomorrow.’ Dzyadzorm waved. Simon drove the girls back to their … Read entire article »

Dear Bohemian Man: A Poetic Rendezvous

The Arachneed brings to you an exclusive interview with poetess Subi Taba, a distinguished personality from India’s North Eastern region. In 2013 Subi was adjudged as the first runners up at the Miss North East beauty contest.Thus beyond the glamorous arena Subi is a serious thinker and a researcher at work pursuing her Phd in Horticulture at Assam Agricultural university.This anthology should certainly inspire aspiring poets to publish their works and contribute to make life much more beautiful. In this interview Subi talks about her convergence with Poetry, her life as a popular personality and the nuances of life as an author and as a model. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Subi, thanks much for  talking to The Arachneed, you have … Read entire article »